Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud

Ottawa’s Trusted Cloud Migration Partner

PSI is an experienced migration partner taking companies well beyond the initial onboarding and setup process. Our extensive focus on planning and client cloud deployment model education ensures clarity on what applications go where, proper migrations paths, service requirements, and how to assess returns on investment.

In addition to ensuring stringent best pracrtices for cloud security are maintained, PSI gives your business a foundation to scale efficiently with confidence in the years to come.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Simplification of Internal Operations

Streamlining end user processes can better direct time, efforts and funds toward the core of the business, helping to control costs and improve service channels

Better Delivery of Internal Resources

Cloud computing facilitates more efficient projects with less operational troubleshooting. On-demand access to scalable resources at low-cost allows companies to address business demands quickly and efficiently.

New Ways for Employees to Work, Connect and Collaborate

Cloud allows employees to access networks from Internet-enabled devices allowing them to work, connect and collaborate from any device any time, from virtually any location.

Improved Ability to Acquire, Share, Analyze and Act on Data

By understanding big data analytics, companies can act on consumer trends more quickly and innovate to stay competitive in a fast-paced market.

Faster Rollout of New Business Initiatives to Exploit New Opportunities

Companies are using cloud computing as a foundation to create new and innovative applications or business procedures. As cloud computing adoption increases, enterprises seeing the most benefit are those who leverage the technology to improve business process and enhance innovation.

Cloud Migration Checklist

The cloud migration checklist includes:

  • Establish the migration-architect role
  • Choose your level of cloud integration
  • Choose a single cloud or go multi-cloud
  • Establish cloud KPIs
  • Establish performance baselines
  • Prioritize migration components
  • Perform any necessary refactoring
  • Create a data-migration plan
  • Switch over production
  • Review application resource allocation

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