Remote Workforce

Empowering Remote Workers

Building & Serving Your Mobile Workforce

According to a recent Sage Research study, 93% of all companies have either missed an important deadline or experienced a project delay simply because high-level executives or project managers were inaccessible.

PSI’s “work from anywhere” solutions provide secure access to business data, applications and resources so colleagues and employees react quickly to urgent matters at any time, on any device, and from any location on the planet.

Turning Downtime Into Up Time

PSI’s mobile solutions provide easy and secure remote access to company business data, phone system, applications, and resources over wired, wireless or cellular hotspot internet connections.

Whether at home, at the airport, or at a customer’s site, your empowered mobile sales force will be able to access confidential customer records, provide sales quotes, inventory updates, engage in telephone or video conferencing, and so much more.

Empowering Office Visitors

PSI provides contractors, customers, vendors, and other office visitors with access the internet while keeping your network and data secure.

Security is Key

PSI uses virtual private network (VPN) technology to establish a private, secure network connection over any public internet connection.

VPNs use secure firewalls and tested security measures at each point of network entry to help stop worms, spyware, and hackers from infiltrating business networks and compromising sensitive information.

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